A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon Library Display Packs

A Tidy Ending by Joanna Cannon Library Display Packs

HarperCollins is offering 50 free packs of display materials to libraries. Packs include posters, bunting and bookmarks.

About A Tidy Ending


Linda lives a nice, normal life, on a nice, normal street with Terry, her perfectly ordinary husband. Linda’s not like everyone else, she keeps herself to herself. But she’s good at solving puzzles and there are times she sees things other people might have overlooked. Because nothing on Cavendish Avenue is quite as it seems. People have started to go missing in the neighbourhood and Linda will soon discover that some secrets can’t stay buried forever…

You can order the packs until 28 April but they may sell out before this date.

Please note, if you order a pack you are agreeing to create a display and to share photos with The Reading Agency.

The publisher will be dispatching your resources. They will receive a dispatch list with your contact name and address (which you give) for delivery. They will only deliver the pack requested and the dispatch list will then be deleted after the packs have been sent.

Orders for one pack per library only. If you are ordering more than one pack (to disperse to other libraries in your region) you need to also email  Kathleen.ktorides@readingagency.org.uk to notify her of the individual library names that the packs will be used at. Alternatively, you can do individual orders for each library in the shop.

Sold out.

The Reading Agency

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