Celebrate Dinosaurs Day with DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS - POS pack and digital resources

Celebrate Dinosaurs Day with DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS - POS pack and digital resources

DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS!  by Susan Martineau, illustrated by Vicky Barker

Everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs!

From award-winning non-fiction duo Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker, this is an expertly pitched book all about dinosaurs and how they lived. Here are herbivorous sauropods, carnivorous theropods, ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs. You’ll find out what really did happen to the dinosaurs and even meet the latest addition to the dinosaur family - Patagotitan.

The second title in the growing NATURE INVESTIGATOR series from b small publishing after SHARKS! SHARKS! SHARKS!, DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! is the perfect book to surprise and delight dino-loving super fans everywhere.

Perfect to make a display around Dinosaur Day on 21 May and 1 June!

Sign-up for a DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! pack, which includes:

  • Downloadable DINOSAURS! colouring sheet
  • Downloadable illustrations to print out and display
  • Ideas for how to use the book in your library/ in class
  • Printed A4 ‘different types of dinosaurs’ poster
  • A copy of DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! DINOSAURS! for your library, for the first 5 libraries to sign up for the pack.

Limited amounts available. This is a digital pack but you will be asked for your address for the printed POS posters.

Orders for one activity pack per library only.

If you have any questions or queries, please email chris.moore@readingagency.org.uk.

You are expected to feedback on how you used your resources

Please note, if you order a pack you are agreeing to use the materials within your library and to send photos of groups using #DinosaursDinosaursDinosaurs! and tagging @bsmallpub and on Twitter / #DinosaursDinosaursDinosaurs and tagging @bsmallpublishing on Instagram and send feedback to Chris Moore.

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