Get a copy of The Penguin Modern Classics Book by Henry Eliot for your library! *SOLD OUT!*

Get a copy of The Penguin Modern Classics Book by Henry Eliot for your library! *SOLD OUT!*

Penguin Books are thrilled to offer libraries a copy of The Penguin Modern Classics Book by Henry Eliot!

About the book

The essential guide to twentieth-century literature around the world

For six decades the Penguin Modern Classics series has been an era-defining, ever-evolving series of books, encompassing works by modernist pioneers, avant-garde iconoclasts, radical visionaries and timeless storytellers.

This reader's companion showcases every title published in the series so far, with more than 1,800 books and 600 authors, from Achebe and Adonis to Zamyatin and Zweig.

It is the essential guide to twentieth-century literature around the world, and the companion volume to The Penguin Classics Book.

Bursting with lively descriptions, surprising reading lists, key literary movements and over two thousand cover images, The Penguin Modern Classics Book is an invitation to dive in and explore the greatest literature of the last hundred years.

Place an order by 16 December for your copy but they may sell out before this. Orders are strictly one copy per public library, if you would like to order for more than one library please email

This is open to libraries only. If you order a copy, we do ask that you ensure the content is used in your libraries. If you place an order that isn't to a library address, it will be automatically filtered out. If you do not include a library name and use a personal email address your order may be cancelled.

The publisher will be dispatching your resources. They will receive a dispatch list with your contact name and work address (which you give) for delivery. They will only deliver the pack requested and the dispatch list will then be deleted after the packs have been sent. 

Sold out.

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