The Spectaculars chapter sample packs for schools

The Spectaculars chapter sample packs for schools

The Spectaculars is an enchanting adventure series, from author and performer Jodie Garnish, that combines magic, theatre and danger with a large pinch of star stuff...

Usborne is publishing the second book in the series, The Wild Song Contest, in March 2024 and to celebrate, is offering packs to schools which include a set of 30 chapter samplers of Book 1: The Four Curses as well as links to author video content. 

More about the book

Beyond the gateway, in the Hidden Peaks, live the Spectaculars - magical performers, with special powers gifted from the stars. They can levitate you out of your seat with a song, make a costume that will turn you invisible and create a snowstorm with a dance. When Harper joins The Spectaculars at their travelling boarding school, she can't wait to learn all kinds of magic. But when the song of the Four Curses comes to life, and a terrifying creature threatens everything, she must use her new powers to save her school...

You can order these packs until 29 Februarybut they may sell out before this date.

Orders for one activity pack per school/library only. If you do not include your organisation name your order may be cancelled.

Please note, if you order a pack you are agreeing to use the materials within your school/library and to share photos and feedback with The Reading Agency.

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