The Book of Stolen Dreams POS packs (Sold out)

The Book of Stolen Dreams POS packs (Sold out)

Step inside the pages of an unforgettable adventure and let the hunt begin. . .

When Rachel and Robert are passed a stolen book by their librarian father, they have to go on the run and protect it at all costs. With their father captured and everyone hunting for the Book, they must uncover its secrets and track down the final, missing page.

But the cruel and calculating Charles Malstain is on their trail. When the children discover the astonishing, magical truth about the Book, they resolve to do everything in their power to stop it falling into his hands. For if it does, he could rule forever.

This autumn, discover a truly unforgettable journey of wonder, courage and magic from master story-teller David Farr.

Is your moral compass strong? Will you JOIN THE HUNT and help to protect The Book of Stolen Dreams? If you’re brave enough, sign up for a pack below.

Each pack will include:

  • A pack of bookmarks
  • An A4 standee
  • Hidden pages to be placed around the library: when all 5 are found, a secret message will be revealed
  • 2 A3 posters inviting children to JOINT THE HUNT
  • Entry sheets
  • Badges and stickers to be given out as prizes

You can order these brilliant packs until 5pm 5 September (but they may sell out before this date).

Orders for one activity pack per library only.

Please note, if you order a pack you are agreeing to use the materials within your library and to send photos of groups using #TheBookofStolenDreams and tagging @Usborne and @DavidFarrUK on Twitter and send feedback by 28 October.

Orders for one pack per library only. If you are ordering more than one pack (to disperse to other libraries in your region) you need to also email to notify her of the individual library names that the packs will be used at. Alternatively, you can do individual orders for each library in the shop.

Please note, if you do not include a library or school name and use a personal email address your order may be cancelled.

The publisher will be dispatching your resources. They will receive a dispatch list with your contact name and work address (which you give) for delivery. They will only deliver the pack requested and the dispatch list will then be deleted after the packs have been sent.

Sold out.

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