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Reading Well Books on Prescription helps people to understand and manage their health and wellbeing using helpful reading available from public libraries. (There are separate Reading Well lists to support the mental health of adults, teens and children.)

Reading Well for dementia recommends helpful reading for people living with dementia. There are also books on the list for family members, friends and carers. The books provide reliable information, advice and support as well as personal stories. The list has been developed as an update to the 2015 Books on Prescription Dementia list.

The new booklist is targeted at people living with dementia, carers and family members including younger children to help them understand more about dementia. Some of the recommended books provide information and advice; there are also personal stories and children’s fiction. The list also includes a wide range of formats including eBooks and audiobooks. Alongside the books are a selection of digital resources to support people affected by dementia.

Individual items

To support delivery of the scheme, the following items are available:

  • User leaflet containing the booklist: £48.00* per pack of 500 or £10.00* per 100 
  • A4 poster (portrait): £4.00* per pack of 10
  • Pull-up banner: £130.00* (overprint option +£40.00* - download the overprint form here)
  • Sticker sheet: £1.50* per sheet (35 stickers per sheet)
  • Shelf talker: £10.00* per pack of 5

User leaflets provide the full booklist of 20 titles and a QR code linking to the recommended digital resources, information about other resources available in libraries and signposting to other sources of support.

*Costs shown are exclusive of VAT + delivery

The following bundles are also available:

Basic pack - £60.00 + VAT & delivery

  • 500 Leaflets
  • 10 A4 posters
  • 2 Sticker sheets
  • 5 Shelf talkers

Library pack – £225.00 + VAT & delivery

  • 1000 Leaflets
  • 20 A4 posters
  • 5 Sticker sheets
  • 1 Pull up banner
  • 10 Shelf talkers

Authority pack - £950.00 + VAT & delivery

  • 6000 Leaflets
  • 100 A4 posters
  • 20 Sticker sheets
  • 2 Pull up banners with overprints included (download the overprint form here). ***Please specify whether you require overprints in the customer reference box at checkout. If you require overprints, you must complete and submit the overprint form with your logo no later than two weeks after your order is placed. If overprinting information is not provided by this time, materials will be dispatched without overprints.***
  • 20 Shelf talkers

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT and P&P. P&P costs are in our shop FAQs.

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Due to the ongoing rise in material and production costs, the prices of Reading Well for dementia materials have also increased, with the exception of the user leaflets which we have been able to keep at a steady price through considered design. We appreciate that budgets and other rising costs might make it more difficult to offset any price increases, so please do get in touch with us if you need additional support or would like to discuss other options.

For further information about Reading Well, please email

*Please note that pre-orders have closed. New orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible, but are not guaranteed to arrive before 13 May*

Reading Well for dementia will launch in Dementia Action Week (13-19 May 2024).

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