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Reading Friends incentives

We offer a range of incentive items for projects running Reading Friends. They can be used to encourage and thank Reading Friends (Participants or Reading Befrienders). They could be given at the start to welcome, after a few sessions to encourage, at a celebration event or when someone leaves as a thank you, or as promotional materials for your Reading Friends project.

These incentives are being launched for the first time with introductory prices and we welcome your thoughts and feedback at the email address below.

 Packs of individual items*

*Costs are shown exclusive of VAT + P&P. P&P delivery costs are in our T&Cs.

Cotton bags (pack of 20) £30.00

Cotton bags (pack of 50) £60.00

Badges (enamel with butterfly clip) (pack of 20) £24.00

Badges (enamel with butterfly clip) (pack of 50) £57.00

Mugs (pack of 10) £27.50

Mugs (pack of 50) £137.50

Bookmarks (pack of 50) £8.00

Bookmarks (pack of 100) £15.00

Sticker sheets (35 stickers per sheet) £0.75 per sheet 

Lanyards (pack of 20) £30.00

Lanyards (pack of 50) £75.00

  Bundle offer

 Introductory bundle

Bags (20)

Badges (20)

Sticker sheets (10)

Bookmarks (50)

£65 sale price bundle. Exclusive of VAT + P&P. P&P delivery costs are in our T&Cs.

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Please get in touch at if you have any questions or feedback.

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